Those working in marketing and communications are becoming increasingly familiar with this field of Behavioural Science – a combination of Economics and Psychology that looks at the many factors involved in how and why people make the decisions they do.  Carr Communications is now investing in a dedicated Behavioural Economics and Sciences Team.

This new team at Carr includes consultants in Behavioural Economics, Jenny Robinson, Karl Purcell and Amy Hume. By conducting trials, they will offer tested and proven approaches to messaging and communication.

Carr Communications has been running Behavioural Science courses over the past two years, delivered by Professor Liam Delaney, Director of the new MSc in Behavioural Science at UCD.

The company also collaborates on Behavioural Science projects with the Harvard Kennedy School and with New York Times and USA Today best-selling author on Behavioural Finance, Dr. Daniel Crosby.