Media literacy empowers people with the skills and knowledge to understand traditional and new media and communications services, including radio, television, online and mobile platforms and content, cinema and press. It also enables media consumers to engage creatively and safely with these different types of media and communication services.

CEO Dr Martina Byrne will be speaking at the inaugural Media Literacy Ireland Event on February 23.

In Ireland, The Broadcasting Authority (BAI) has an obligation to promote media literacy and it is supporting this inaugural event.

Media Literacy Ireland is a network of interested parties. On February 23, academics, professionals and experts from the world of communications will share insights about creating public information campaigns to promote media literacy.

As one of the guest speakers at Media Literacy Ireland, Dr Martina Byrne, CEO PRII and PRCA, will discuss how the public relations profession can support the aims of Media Literacy Ireland and what makes a successful public information campaign.