The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 introduced a requirement for those who lobby designated public officials to register and report their lobbying activities every four months.

Section 16(1) of the Act provides that the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) may produce a Code of Conduct for persons carrying on lobbying activities “with a view to promoting high professional standards and good practices”.

Before finalising such a Code, the Commission has launched a consultation with persons carrying on lobbying activities, bodies representing them, and others as the Commission considers appropriate. A draft Code has now been published by SIPO for consideration, however it does not reflect what may or may not be included in the final Code.

The consultation paper, the draft Code of Conduct, and a template for a submission response are available on here.

The PRCA has played a leading role supporting compliance with the Lobbying Act 2015.  CEO Dr Martina Byrne will continue to represent member consultancies’ views in the development of the proposed SIPO Code. Members are encouraged to input into that process and are invited to forward their views on the draft Code to Frank Condon at [email protected] by close of business on Tuesday July 17.

It should be noted that submissions received, and reports of any meetings undertaken by the Commission with any external parties in response to this consultation process will be published on and will be subject to release under the Freedom of Information.