Chief Executive Dr Martina Byrne was interviewed for the December, Sunday Business Post’s Media Matters Podcast.

Martina discussed how the public relations sector is changing with Colette Sexton, due to different demands from clients and the fragmentation of the media industry.

Speaking to The Sunday Business Post ahead of the podcast Martina said that the biggest challenge was staff retention and recruitment. This is particularly so for middle management due to a lack of public relations professionals with between six or seven years’ experience, due to a fall in recruitment during the recession.

The lobbying register was also discussed with Martina noting it is working well and that PR professionals are were adhering to the legislation more than other groups.

“By and large we are very much in favour and supportive of the legislation. If we had any concern, it continues to be that while we have done a lot of work in the PRII and PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) with our members and they have responded well to that, there are other groups out there who continue to be engaged in lobbying and either consciously or unconsciously don’t recognise or register the fact that they are.”

Listen to the Media Matters Podcast here.

The Media Matters Podcast is hosted by Colette Sexton, and released first Wednesday of every month when Colette  talks to industry experts on the issues that matter.

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