The Behavioural Insights team at Carr Communications is running a free webinar next Tuesday 14 April at 2pm that may help you work more effectively from home. The webinar will run for 45 minutes.

Aside from other distractions, our own behaviour is one of the big challenges we face when working from home. And Behavioural Science gives fascinating insights into our default behaviours – picking up the phone repeatedly, snacking mindlessly …  Once you recognise some of your own defaults, then you should be better able to manage them.

Hosted by Anthony Kelly, Head of B.E. Services at Carr Communications, ‘Working from Home – Helpful Behavioural Insights’, will give you an overview of behavioural science. It will also will offer tips on how to avoid poor behaviours and simple ‘hacks’ on how to nudge ourselves and others towards better behaviour.

You can book a place here: