-The 2020 edition of Youth Culture Uncovered sees THINKHOUSE collaborate with young people across the world to uncover insights and trends affecting the lives of youth during the emergency-

-Daily insights will be posted via the THINKHOUSE Instagram from Monday 20th April-

The Youth Lab, THINKHOUSE’s insights, strategy and planning division, launches Emerging in an Emergency, the 2020 edition of Youth Culture Uncovered; an annual insights’ programme. The 2020 version will be deployed differently, for a different world.

Collated daily in partnership with young people around the world, The Youth Lab will explore the effects of Covid-19 on today’s young people with the key areas of exploration being Outlook, Learning & Education, Climate and Connection.  The initiative will span three offerings;

  • DAILY INSIGHTS via Instagram offering a strategic perspective on changing dynamics and different scenarios.
  • VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS which guests can sign up to on THINKHOUSE social channels and attend via Zoom.
  • SWITCH IT UP scenario planning to help find solutions and future pathways for both young people and organisations as they transition towards a Covid-19 free world from unlocking life in lockdown to navigating the new normal.


Claire Hyland, Head of The Youth Lab commented:

“At The Youth Lab, we spend our days looking at the world through the lens of young people. Now more than ever before, our research needs to reflect a real time perspective, given attitudes and behaviours are changing daily as the world comes to grips with the Covid-19 outbreak. We are incredibly devoted to mapping out the ongoing changes in young people’s perspectives and translate our insights into survival strategies and recalibration solutions for both young people and organisations as we collectively emerge from this state of emergency.”

Emerging in an Emergency is the fourth annual youth culture investigation undertaken by The Youth Lab, THINKHOUSE’s insights, strategy and planning division exploring the hypothesis, “what’s it like to be young today?”.

The investigations are designed to understand life through the lens of 16-35-year-olds, providing businesses and organisations with insight and intelligence to resonate better with youth audiences, respond to their challenges and ensure continued relevance for their brand/ organisation in the long term.

What is Youth Culture Uncovered 2020?

Emerging in an Emergency

  1. LIVE DAILY INSIGHTS: A Real-Time Daily Youth Perspective

A daily raw, real, unfiltered youth perspective on what life is like as the global pandemic takes hold, challenging traditional attitudes and behaviours and driving a ‘new normal’.

These will be published daily via THINKHOUSE social media channels:

Instagram: @thinkhouse / @theyouthlab

Key areas of exploration:


  • What are young people’s fears, challenges and anxieties?
  • What new ways of living do they hate/ love?
  • What new behaviours will they seek to bring with them into a post-emergency landscape?
  • What is core to their everyday happiness today?
  • What are their hopes and dreams for the near and far future?

Work/ Education/ Learning:

  • What’s life like for young people in the virtual world of learning and work?
  • What are the new parameters of success?
  • What is youth’s take on the areas of opportunity?
  • What, where and how should work be conducted in the near to far future?
  • What will be the new work value exchange?


  • How are young people connecting and communicating with friends and peers?
  • What connections feel important to young people at this time?
  • What have young people learnt about connection by being physically disconnected from friends and peers?
  • How will new habits shape how young people connect socially going forward?

Bi-monthly live virtual workshops with young people and invited guests.

The workshops will tackle, head on, the challenges of youth as uncovered through the insight work, with the goal of participants working in unison to solve them.

  1. SWITCH IT UP: Brand Scenario Mapping for the Future

With the playbook being torn up and uncertainty around the future still unknown, we will explore the youth perspective in terms of how brands can and should show up as we transition into a ‘new normal’. We will explore different scenario maps to reflect potential pathways for youth engagement and conversion. In particular, our investigations will explore:

  • What is youth’s reaction to brand responses to Covid-19?
  • What do they see as appropriate and inappropriate brand behaviour?
  • Will business reputation be even more important to a youth audience as their saviour acts of goodwill and support get noticed and championed above product offers and overly inflated promises?
  • Will youth demand even more transparency, aware of the political perils of falsely guiding the public in the wrong direction and doing last minute u-turns on policies and promises?
  • Will traditional brands be more trusted or will homegrown, cheaper labels come up trumps in a landscape where wallets haven’t just been tightened, but squeezed dry?
  • What courses of action will be most respected within and across categories and nations?