Join Elevate PR and a panel of retail experts on Tuesday, 16th June, at noon for a webinar on the Future of Retail. With shops shuttered worldwide due to Covid 19, how can retail recover and reopen safely? Are we over shopped? What are the impacts of the trade war, climate change, fast fashion and digital disruption coupled with changing consumer values? Is the supply chain broken? Are we now in the age of the artisan? How as marketers and brand owners can we respond to and thrive in this turbulent landscape? The panel of experts will answer these and other questions about retail in The Future of Retail webinar.


Alex Calder        Creative Lead at Strong Roots, the plant-based frozen food brand
Ciara Elliott        New Editor of Home and Home Magazine
Emma Kelly, MPRII       Founder and MD at
Sonya Lennon   Creative director, designer, broadcaster, entrepreneur and strategic consultant
Ruth O’Connor  Freelance lifestyle journalist
Miriam Simon    Founder of Retail Consultancy

In February, Elevate hosted The Future of Content in the first of its #ElevateTrends events, (listen to the recording here, check out a summary here and watch the video here). Other upcoming events in ‘The Future of’ series include The Future of Wellness taking place later this summer, The Future of Travel and Hospitality this autumn, followed by The Future of Entertainment towards the end of the year. The Future of Retail is a free webinar – to register  or check out

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