The Great Reset Fortnight is a series of free events and workshops designed to empower communications professionals to advocate for a sustainable future.  The first in the series ‘Ecoffectiveness: The Missing Measure’ is on Wednesday 28 April at 1:00pm.

The virtual workshop will feature Caroline Davis (Managing Director and Sustainability Lead, ELVIS) and Ben Essen (Chief Strategy Officer, Iris). They will be sharing the Ecoffectiveness framework – a new methodology for analysing the carbon impact of our work.

You can register for ‘Ecoffectiveness: The Missing Measure’ here or for the whole series by clicking here.

More information on the Great Reset can be found on the PRII website here.
The PRII and PRCA support The Great Reset
The Great Reset Fortnight, organised by Purpose Disruptors Ireland will bring best-in-class speakers, innovators and thinkers from the worlds of sustainability, climate change and communications to give Irish advertisers, creatives and comms professionals the chance to learn more about the influence that this industry can exert.