Hanover Dublin opened its doors in late 2016 and has become one of Ireland’s fastest-growing communications firms.

Embarking on their fifth year in business, Hanover delivered 32% growth last year.  The company drove 23% revenue growth in health, 140% growth in MedTech, delivered 25% growth in technology and significantly expanded their mobility offering with over 88% growth.

Hanover’s strategic proposition focuses on helping organisations rewire to drive reputation; recognition; and resilience, focussing not just on maintaining their course during the pandemic but building their reputational resilience for the future.

Since their inception, Hanover delivered award-winning work to their clients in Ireland and beyond including supporting them through complex regulatory issues, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and connecting them with the right changemakers.

Staying connected during the pandemic was not always easy, but as a business Hanover Dublin had two objectives – to maintain the culture that makes Hanover special, and to support the wellbeing of their teams.

In the past year, Hanover welcomed five new consultants, as well as two dogs, a cat and a baby; all of whom have made special guest appearances on Teams calls over the past year!

Hanover has always been committed to promoting and encouraging talent from within, and in the past year brought on three interns and promoted them into account executive roles. The company also had six promotions last year across the broader team, recognising their continued development.

Moving into a new chapter of their journey, Hanover Dublin plans to go even bigger and work with clients to rewire for the future and enhance reputations, recognition and resilience.

‘I am so proud of the team, past – present – future, and of the trailblazing work we have done over the past five years,’ said Lorna Jennings, MPRII, Hanover Dublin’s Managing Director.

Watch Hanover’s 5th Anniversary Video HERE