Public Relations is today considered one of the most diverse and exciting career paths for anyone keen to enter the communications industry.

The multi-faceted nature of PR means it is not just an option for students, graduates and those looking to start their careers; it is also an option for many people who are considering a change of career.

Some of the compelling reasons to consider a career in PR include:

PR is a thriving sector

Ireland has one of the fastest-moving employment markets in the EU right now, and PR is one of the success stories of our resurgent economy. More graduates are entering the industry; more established professionals (e.g. journalists) are making the crossover into PR; more students are choosing PR as their course of choice.

A glance at any job vacancies listing shows that opportunities abound – and that is only likely to continue as more and more brands turn to PR as the most effective means of delivering key messages and information to their target audiences.

PR teaches skills for life

Not everyone entering third level education knows what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. However, opting to study PR can help you develop a range of skills that will not only equip you for a career in the industry, but can also translate to other sectors.

These skills include writing – an essential for any PR professional – and verbal communications, research and analysis, strategic planning, event organisation, understanding of the media landscape plus of course the many specialist skills associated with digital marketing.

PR is fast-moving and diverse

It is a well-known fact among PR practitioners that no two days are the same. Like all careers, there can be good days and bad days, but life at an agency is rarely dull.

As PR executives tend to work across multiple client accounts, day-to-day activities can range from brainstorming campaign ideas, writing and pitching stories to media targets, analysing media coverage reports, travelling to meet an existing client or presenting to a potential new one, and much more.

PR allows your ‘other’ interests to flourish

PR agencies tend to adopt a ‘brand guardian’ role, constantly monitoring the media for news and developments that might affect or interest their clients.

This requires PR pros to be alive to all possibilities, so the broader your range of interests – music, fashion, sport, movies, technology – the more you’ll be able to contribute to the melting pot. In this industry, your interests can always feed into your work and vice versa.

PR is changing constantly

As we touched on above, there are few professions that offer as much diversity as PR. From media relations to CSR, corporate and crisis communications, Public Affairs, investor relations, financial PR, social and digital, there are so many opportunities to specialise and move around as you develop your career.

PR is also evolving rapidly as technology opens up new avenues of communication, so continuous professional development is a key part of the job. If you love to learn, chances are you’ll love PR.