The value of Public Relations lies in its unique ability to directly impact the overall business objectives of a company through earned media influence in support of its corporate activities and marketing function.
Globally, mobile consumers check their phones more than 80 billion times a day. The average user checks the mobile 40 times a day and in the UK and Ireland, the average is more like 85 times a day.* The challenge then is for marketers is to infiltrate consumers’ mobile lives in a way that feels authentic and relevant and this is where earned influence can play a significant role.

A recent study in 2016 by PageFair found that almost 420 million people worldwide block advertising when browsing the web on mobiles, so it’s abundantly clear that the consumer has decided that it wants to interact with brands and companies through other means. Now, it’s about earning the right to engage in the first instance.

The PR discipline has never been so relevant. The need for greater transparency and disclosure presents an opportunity for a company when it comes to ensuring that the audience understands its intentions in a way that positively enhances the company’s reputation.

Generating earned influence in opportunistic moments allows companies and brands to stay relevant especially given the ever decreasing attention spans of the consumer.

The unique skills, talents and experience that our members possess means they are primed to cultivate opportunities when they arise.