We are pleased to bring news to our PRCA members with the inclusion of an additional benefit of PRCA membership.

The Bar Council has approved the PRCA’s application for the PRCA to be an Approved Professional Body.  This means all PRCA members can avail of The Bar of Ireland Direct Professional Access Scheme and therefore contact and brief a Barrister directly for a legal opinion on a non-contentious matter, without having to go through an instructing solicitor.

The Bar of Ireland represent 1,825 Barristers who accept work under the scheme, across the whole spectrum of legal specialities that include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Employment law
  • Commercial & insurance law
  • Data protection
  • Taxation
  • Professional, regulatory and discipline

The scheme offers an efficient and cost-effective way to get legal advice should the need arise. You can find out more on the Bar of Ireland website here.

One of the reasons the PRCA application to be included on the Bar Council’s Approved Professional Body list was accepted was the recent work undertaken to update the Association’s Memorandum & Articles and to put in place a detailed Complaints Procedure.